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It’s coming! Wooded Acres Big Event. Redding’s oldest neighborhood garage sales event (45 years!) is an annual event which has been held in the Wooded Acres area for many years. What started small with a dozen homes, has grown into an event with as many as 90+ homes having a garage sale throughout the Wooded Areas area, along with Anders Oaks & Aldea Robles (southern section of Wooded Acres), Wooded Acres North, Fiesta Way and Robles North and along Meadow View Dr. 

W.A.B.E. followers, just a heads up to area community, the 2023 Wooded Acres Big Event community (neighborhood) notice has been mailed out. A big shout out to residents over in North Wooded Acres who contacted me 2 years ago, the information has been mailed out to North Wooded Acres as well. Also included are houses over on Meadow View and Fiesta Way.