News for 2021

Good Day W.A.B.E. followers. Just a heads up to area community, the 2021 Wooded Acres Big Event community (neighborhood) notice will be mailed out this week. This year, we fulfill a request (a big shout out to residents over in North Wooded Acres who contacted me 2 years ago), the flyer will be mailed out to North Wooded Acres as well. After hearing the history of how North was in, then out, then in. I’m breaking the cycle and the northern territory is in!! I’m also expanding our mailing to the few houses over on Meadow View and Fiesta Way. If anyone is reading this from Fiesta Way, does your group have a name? On the various maps, they don’t put it under Wooded or North Wooded Acres. I’m going to hit our neighbors over in Robles North as well. So, keep your eyes open; takes about a week for the flyers to received. The main public flyer will be posted in the coming weeks.

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